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The importance of Firebase in managing Google UAC campaigns

The importance of Firebase in managing Google UAC campaigns

You’ve probably noticed that for some time now Google has been recommending the integration of Firebase for managing mobile application installation campaigns on its network. In this article, we’ll explain why Firebase has become essential, how it will improve your campaign results, and how to align it with your MMP.



Higher-quality signals



The recommendation to integrate Firebase is in line with the market, where all stakeholders are asking for the integration of their SDK or technical solutions to improve the signals received by their algorithm. (E.g. Facebook and Snap with their own SDK or Conversions API).


More concretely, Firebase will allow Google to receive standardized data that will be quicker and easier to process for its machine learning models. Plus, the models will also have access to new signals in the user journey which will allow for a better understanding of each user.



New features to boost your results


Accessing this new data will unlock a number of new features for your Google UAC campaigns. Below is a non-exhaustive list:



A shorter learning phase. Google campaigns can have a longer learning phase than other sources. Firebase will solve this problem.


Take advantage of Automated Similar Audiences. This will be done directly in the backend by Google. The model will go and find users who are similar to those who have already been converted


Audience exclusion in acquisition campaigns. You can now exclude Firebase audiences within your campaigns. This allows you to exclude users who have already installed your application in the past but no longer have it


Optimizing ROAS. Firebase unlocks the ability to optimize the revenue generated by your application. This is ideal for e-commerce applications or games.


Take advantage of Firebase’s re-targeting audiences. Firebase will give you a better level of detail and control over your audiences.



It should be noted that all future features developed for APP campaigns will require Firebase.



A tool used on top of the MMP, but one that requires special attention during set-up



Firebase does not replace your mobile tracking partner (MMP). Effectively, it will always be the MMP that will give you a holistic vision of your acquisition, and that will allow you to precisely measure your campaigns. The two tools are complementary.


However, in order to use Firebase while still measuring your Google App campaigns via your MMP, you’ll need to be especially careful when setting up your campaigns and transitioning from bidding to Firebase conversions. If not done properly, your performance could be downgraded. We’re used to doing this set-up and overseeing the transition for our clients, so get in touch (sales(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)addict-mobile.com) for assistance.


In conclusion, Firebase is now essential if you’re running Google UAC campaigns in order to provide the best possible data to the algorithm and benefit from the latest features. If you haven’t already integrated it, this should be your priority. It should be noted that Firebase is very often used by developers. So, don’t hesitate to contact your tech team to check whether Firebase has been integrated into your app or not.