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The bank loan application iCash improves its results thanks to Facebook's special Ads.

The bank loan application iCash improves its results thanks to Facebook’s special Ads.

The context and the challenge


iCash is a Canadian fintech company specializing in consumer financial products. The iCash instant loan mobile app allows users to securely apply for short-term loans from their phones.

Since 2019, Addict Mobile has been supporting iCash in managing its new user acquisition campaigns in Canada with an end goal to request a loan within the app.




 Broadcasting ads despite of loan apps limitations on Facebook


The “loan” category is a highly regulated category on Facebook that does not allow you to broadcast your ads under the same conditions as general public apps. Their distribution is limited because Facebook rejects a large part of the ads if you try to distribute them despite the restrictions.

Ads in this category must therefore be specifically declared to the platform.



Warning: It is important to declare if your ads are related to credit, employment or housing opportunities or related to social issues, elections or politics.



The challenge is to reach the volumes expected by the client, even though we are restricted by the distribution platform.




 Activating Special Ads campaigns


Special Ads campaigns are the campaigns dedicated to the apps that belong to a “special” category. They target a specific category of people and they are more controlled by the platform:


– The audiences are more restricted => We do not have access to the entire Facebook audience.


– Targeting is geographically limited => We cannot target everywhere, there are legal constraints by region.




What are the limitations for special ads campaigns vs. classic campaigns?


Despite of more restricted audiences, Special Ads offer similar possibilities to classic campaigns:


– Launch AAA campaigns.


– Test all targetings. The only targeting restrictions are socio-demo data such as age, gender or postal code.


– Create similar audiences based on the similarities in behavior and activity within the app.


– Adapt concepts according to targetings and formats.






Although the limitations are stronger, we manage to reach significant volumes because the ads are not rejected by the platform, which allows us to be as efficient as possible while trying to override the regulations.

Thanks to special ads, Addict Mobile’s teams have seen a clear improvement in results compared to traditional campaigns: