Great people achieve greater things

Addict Mobile employs 70 – and growing – people experts in performance-based mobile marketing. Our talented team of developers, graphic designers, account managers and business-driven folks support our clients across the globe, in Europe, North and South America, Middle-East, Africa and Asia.

Gregoire Mercier
Gregoire MercierCEO
With a strong background in mobile gaming (Gameloft, Mob In Life), Gregoire regularly brings his leading expertise in user acquisition as speaker at key industry conferences. He oversees the Operations Team and Addict development in Asia.
Claire Calligaro
Claire CalligaroCDO
With over 6 years spent in mobile monetization and acquisition, Claire has provided her expertise and knowledge to over 80 clients. She supervizes Addict development in Europe, as well as finance and marketing.
Christophe Mosa
Christophe MosaCTO
Expert in cloud computing architectures, Web Services and big data, Christophe comes from mobile gaming & Amazon. He is responsible for building and scaling Addict technology and leads the team of data scientists & developers.

Our offices

Paris is the the driving hub of the company: it’s the starting point of the Addict Mobile success story, where the company was founded early 2015. This is where our technology has been developed and gets improved every day.

Shanghai is our subsidiary for Asia, run by local experts. We also benefit from 20 Digital Virgo offices worldwide.

Addict Mobile - mobile marketing worldwide - offices locations map

One year within Addict Mobile

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