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Business Case Decathlon

Sports coaching app, how we decreased Decathlon Coach App’s CPI by 30%

A free sports coaching app for everyone


Decathlon Coach is a 100% free sports coaching app that offers training programs, performance tracking and statistics as well as sports and nutrition advice. Unlike many other apps, Decathlon coach does not generate direct revenue but fulfills the mission of the company by making sports practice accessible to as many people as possible.


Addict Mobile has been helping Decathlon grow their app’s audience through user acquisition campaigns since 2017.




The challenge


Identify the sports activities that allow to generate the lowest acquisition costs for a first activation of the app among the 8O sports it proposes. This configuration implies a precise creative strategy and a consequent production of visuals.



A strategy strongly based on creative production


To meet this challenge, the Addict Mobile teams prioritize Facebook, Google and Snapchat which present the finest targeting capabilities and allow an effective creative testing strategy.


More than 600 different designs were produced in 2020 to generate the best performance. Thanks to Addict Mobile’s creative studio, the teams adapt visuals and messages to indoor sports that are more practicable during lockdown. Thus, you can start from 10km marathon training plans and finish with Yoga and Pilates sessions, also receiving messages like: “keep fit without leaving home”. This strategy was possible due to drastically reduced CPI. These designs were then broadcasted depending on the targeted profiles and on the time of the year.

Sport coaching app - Decathlon Coach




This acquisition strategy has allowed the app to significantly grow in recent years, and in addition, the Covid period has reinforced this growth.





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