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Snapchat: Our tips for managing your acquisition campaigns

Snapchat: Our tips for managing your acquisition campaigns

With 306 million active daily users, Snapchat is one of the reference apps for advertisers.


In order to continue to incite user interest, the platform is ceaselessly offering new and constantly changing functions, hence the importance of continually adapting to the different codes. Here are the key elements to take into consideration when managing your acquisition campaigns on Snapchat:



The creatives



– Adapt the visuals to the platform: give priority to video format and consider adding music


– Your message must be clear and direct. The aim of User Acquisition is to successfully make the user understand the Key Selling Points of your app in just a few seconds. Avoid inspirational messages and give preference to a clear explanation of your app.


– Consider the first 3 seconds: the first 3 seconds are key in capturing the user’s attention. Your creatives must be dynamic and attractive, both visually and with regard to the audio.


– You’ll never have enough visuals to test on Snapchat: whether for testing and finding your top creatives, for spending more effectively, or for refreshing your existing creatives and thus avoiding Ad Fatigue, we always recommend you produce as many visuals as possible.



The campaign structure



– Where should you disseminate? Depending on your goals, not all countries are relevant on Snapchat. Give priority to the major European countries (France, United Kingdom, Germany, etc.) and the United States on the source. These are the countries with the largest audiences and with which you can generate the most conversions.


– Between Snap Ads (“classic” Story placement) and Story Ads (placement in the form of a tile in the Discover tab and on which the user can click to see your Ad), which placement should you choose? Depending on your app’s typology, the performances may vary markedly from one placement to another. it is essential to correctly test and adapt your strategy in accordance with performance.


– Audiences: Interests, Lookalikes or a wide audience, Snapchat offers several possible audiences to target. It is important to test as many as possible, keeping in mind that the smaller and more precise the audience, the higher the CPM.


– Bidding: it is essential to adapt your bidding strategy to its objectives. For example, in the event you mainly need to generate volume, give priority to a strategy with a high Max Bid. Furthermore, if you generally have high CPIs in your campaigns and you want to push these while maintaining a CPI comparable to what you usually see, consider a Target Cost strategy. Depending on your costs, your conversion rates and your app’s fame, you will always have a strategy to prioritize.



Day-to-day organization



– A good campaign structure is not sufficient, and it is essential to adapt the parameters mentioned below every day, in line with the change in performance. Renew your visuals when they struggle, adapt your bidding strategy and your budgets to the change in your costs, etc.


– Seasonality: Adapting your content to the season or to what’s new allows not only for refreshing your visuals but also for having these become more relevant, which will have a direct effect on your performances.



iOS 14.5 and SKAdNetwork



– For over a year, Snapchat has simplified the transition operated by Apple with iOS 14.5 and the SKAdNetwork as much as possible. Regardless of the Dashboard levels, the data made available (visibility on SKAN performances, access to the post-impression and post-click visibility, visibility on installs not having exceeded the threshold, etc.) But above all, performances: Snapchat is an extremely relevant source for your iOS campaigns.. However, it will be essential to correctly structure your campaigns in order to reduce the impact of the SKAdNetwork limitations (threshold, postback reception periods, limited post-impression, etc.).