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Media buying technology

Technologie d'achat média et déclinaison des visuels

Our proprietary DMP analyses all campaign data

Our platform is directly plugged to 160+ mobile sources worldwide (including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Adwords, Apple Search Ads, Ad networks, video networks, affiliates, DSPs etc.) and plugged also to all major tracking tools of the market (tracking SDK for apps and tracking pixels for mobile websites).

Our DMP (Data Management Platform), which is the core of our technology and which took us almost 2 years to build, analyse each day all the events of your campaigns.

Real Time Optimization: because you have no time – no money to waste.

Since our media buying technology analyzes campaign data real time into one centralized dashboard, we can optimize your campaigns real time. Our Account Managers evaluate at a glance the most performing sources and subpublishers based on ROI-related KPIs and reallocate budget accordingly.

Technologie d'achat média et déclinaison des visuels
Technologie d'achat média et déclinaison des visuels

Save up to 35% thanks to Addict Mobile fraud prevention tool

Our algorithms analyze campaign data to detect and retrieve fraud. We save monthly significant amounts on your invoice!

Stay tuned in real time with your campaign performance

With Addict Mobile you experience real transparency, through online access to your reporting dashboard. You can monitor real time macro performance (spendings, installs, ROI, CPA,…) and dive into detailed campaign data per country, OS, source, creatives…

Available also as an API you can plug to your own business intelligence, our dashboard gives you a glimpse of Addict Mobile Technology® power and efficiency working for you.

Technologie d'achat média et déclinaison des visuels





Visual production technology

Technologie d'achat média et déclinaison des visuels

We produce mobile Ads that convert

Addict Mobile internal Creative Team design hundreds of various ads for your campaigns in all mobile dedicated formats: animated or static banners, interstitials, social ads, native ads, videos…
We use our knowledge and expertise of what works best on mobile to adapt your desktop-designed creatives or to design from scratch best-performing ads for mobile.

We automate the adaptation of creatives to different mobile devices

Addict Mobile Technology® produces automatically 1 banner into 100+ required screen sizes to cover all iOS and Android devices, without stretching the banner.

We also produce automatically the creatives into 25+ languages to cover 150 countries.

This Addict Mobile Technology® saves a massive amount of time to our artists team, who can therefore focus on designing more creatives and A/B testing.

Technologie d'achat média et déclinaison des visuels
Technologie d'achat média et déclinaison des visuels

Many A/B tests to improve performance

We A/B test a large variety of visuals to optimize the potential of all types of mobile ads, improving CTR up to 500%.

Small details make a huge difference!

We also refresh very often marketing assets to avoid banner blindness and declining performance.