Addict Mobile - media app booster - Prisma Media : Retarget in-app events
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Prisma Media : Retarget in-app events

Prisma Media is #1 french media group on the print and digital. During over a year, Addict Mobile took action as a media app booster to expend Prisma Media audience on their key apps (Télé-Loisirs, Voici, Gala, etc). Thanks to our expertise, the portofolio of applications gained +180,000 high quality downloads!



Addict Mobile - media app booster - prisma media retarget app events portfolio

Each app had its own ambition :

  • Official launch of new apps (Switch & Food Reporter)
  • Complete rebranding of Voici News
  • Reworking promotion
  • Recruitment of new users for existing app (Télé-Loisirs)



Addict Mobile - media app booster - prisma media retarget app events KPIs


  • +180,000 high quality downloads in France acquired by Addict Mobile, through campaigns on more than 10 acquisition sources.
  • +1,500 visuals created in all required sizes for mobile, thanks to a technology of automated content production (banners, interstitials, videos).
  • A portofolio of  6 apps promoted : Ciné-Loisirs, Télé-Loisirs, Gala, Voici News, Food Reporter et Switch.



We assisted Prisma Media defining their tracking strategy :

  • Analysis and listing of all app events to track
  • Measure of events for each user (app opening, page views, registration, completed purchases, etc) in order to improve performance and campaign rentability

Addict Mobile allowed us to massively increase the number of our users and to meet our various strategic issues while assuring quality audience
Mathilde Chaudier, Product manager

Thanks to these convincing results, Addict Mobile has become the preferred mobile partner of Prisma Media and assisted the launch of its new applications !