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LALALAB. & Google Ads: from branding to performance

LALALAB. & Google Ads: from branding to performance


LALALAB. is a photo printing app launched in 2012, allowing a simple and quick picture printing from a mobile phone. With more than 11 millions of download, LALALAB. is a key player in photo printing. Every year, Addict Mobile faces the challenge of competitivity and rentability, while continues expanding LALALAB.’s audience.


Mixing Acquisition and Awareness thanks to Google Ads


In order to face this double stake, Google Ads, allows us to set up a strategy mixing mobile acquisition campaigns with performance and notoriety campaigns:


The acquisition campaigns allow LALALAB.’s business to grow by generating sales and revenue in the app.

The awareness campaigns allow the supporting of acquisition campaigns at peak times, therefore staying competitive. The goal is to increase the establishment of LALALAB. in their top countries: FR, DE, UK, IT, and at the same time increase the buying intent of all active and potential users.


Google Ads has played an essential role for the reach of these 2 goals.


– The platform allows to reach the users in all steps of the acquisition funnel, by mixing the campaigns with install goal and the ones with in-app events goals (sales for LALALAB.).


– It allows broadcasting in all European markets with an important reach on all 3 placements available on the platform: Search, Display and YouTube.


Be it on awareness or acquisition, Google is now one of the main investment sources for LALALAB.





The Acquisition arrangement


– UAC campaigns with investments adapted to key periods or seasonality: acquiring new users and generating revenue in a common thread.


– Many strategies set up for geographical targeting: Specific campaigns in our main countries + opening of European campaigns with a large reach in order to expand the audience. Also, creation of a pool of countries that are getting similar performances and that allow enough data to be given to the algorithm for better optimization.


– Regular A/B tests of new static designs and videos, as well as quick and constant renewal of creative production to adapt to strong times and the launch of new products.


– The respecting of “creative excellence” recommended by Google => Production and variation of Google Ads formats to display ads on all available places in the campaigns. A quick production of a great number of designs is necessary for a precise optimization of the campaign.


– Daily optimization depending on performance per country / on goals and trends.






The Awareness arrangement


– Activating during key times of LALALAB.: Christmas, new year, summer, back to school etc.


– Specific targeting of our main target: women living in our top regions (France, England, Germany and Italy).


– Sharing in the True View In Stream Youtube’s format.


– Defining and locking of the budgets and timing in advance: no bad surprises.


– Measuring the impact of the campaigns thanks to the Brand Lift Study. 








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