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Soccer Star: How to adapt one's worldwide strategy in order to improve results.

Soccer Star: How to adapt one’s worldwide strategy in order to improve results

Soccer Star is a football game developed by the Spanish studio, Redvel Games. The game allows you to create your player and manage your entire career as you play the matches of a football season.


Addict Mobile started working with Soccer Star in June 2021 to increase the profitability of the user acquisition campaigns.







Most of Soccer Star’s revenue comes from in-app purchases and paid advertising views. The application is available in every country, which is why it is so important to develop a strategy that maximises the profitability of the application in each one. As a result, the Addict Mobile teams developed a multi-country strategy that is divides up into a number of phases and fulfils the criteria for being cost-effective in each of the geographic regions.







First of all, in order to make in-app purchases profitable, we are testing two types of optimisation on our campaigns:


– “value” (the value of the users’ purchase) which normally leads to a higher ROAS


– “purchase” (number of purchases made by users) that has more of an impact on maximising the campaign’s CPA



Then, in order to test all the countries and find those where the volume, and hence the profitability, can be maximised, we launch campaigns across a mix of geographical regions. Countries are grouped according to their similarities. For example, the test campaigns cover Latin America, the Middle East, the English-speaking countries, etc.



Then, in the final phase, we identify and keep only the best optimisations and the best countries (T1 countries), where we can maximise the volume, and we conduct unique campaigns in each one,  primarily the USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, etc.



These decisions are important because all these countries have audiences with a high purchasing power. As a result, we can maximise the volume by increasing or decreasing the investments on each one, and get the highest ROAS.



On the other hand, we also retain all the Tier 2 and 3 countries, where the opportunities are favourable, but where it would be difficult to run unique campaigns. In order to get the best results from these countries, we conduct campaigns covering groups of geographical areas aimed at increasing the size of the audiences, to the point where the results obtained are equivalent to those of the best T1 campaigns.