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How LinkedIn improved app install performance?

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How LinkedIn improved app install performance?

“Ads campaigns on LinkedIn can indeed be costly compared to other channels, but with Addict Mobile, it’s especially profitable! “

Nazih Mohamed, Azaoun, Digital Traffic Manager – Natixis Algeria



Banxy, Natixis Algeria’s offer for individuals, is the first 100% mobile bank in Algeria. Addict Mobile ensure the growth of its application since 2018 through branding, acquisition and retargeting campaigns.



The challenges:

The main objective of the campaigns is to acquire qualified users, i.e. who will go through all the preliminary steps* to create a bank account (registration, filling out a form and identity verification with an advisor by videoconference).


*Please note that the onboarding of the app is currently being upgraded and we are already planning the new acquisition strategy with the brand! Coming soon.


During the launch of the VISA card by Banxy, it was necessary to generate leads from people interested in acquiring this card, seen as a premium product on the Algerian market. To do this, the offer was relayed to a CSP+ audience, an audience different from the one usually targeted.


In this specific case, LinkedIn has emerged as the most relevant source to reach this type of audience and maximize the profitability of the campaigns.


Adapt campaigns to CSP+:

– The acquisition visuals that highlighted everyday situations have been reworked to evolve towards pure creatives showing the VISA card and evoking travel and online purchases – the behaviors in affinity with our target.



App Install


The strategy was structured around 4 phases:

A Teasing to announce the arrival of the VISA card via offline campaigns by Radio and display. This part of the campaign was managed directly by Banxy.

Branding to generate notoriety around the Banxy VISA card. Activation of LinkedIn campaign with the objective of maximizing the views of the ads. The goal? To make the offer known to the audience to maximize the effectiveness of the next actions.

InMail Campaigns to collect qualified leads because LinkedIn offers unique targeting criteria. The collection is done via a form provided by the platform. The message can be personalized via dynamic fields (name, gender, or function) and the form is pre-filled with the information on the LinkedIn page to facilitate engagement and generate better conversion rates.

Retargeting and Re-engagement on Facebook: Leads collected via the LinkedIn form are retargeted on Facebook using the audience creation tool. The goal this time is to download the app. Once the app is downloaded, users fully integrate the remarketing strategy put in place to make them progress from one step to the next according to our scenarios:

■ The user has installed the app but has not registered.

■ The user has registered but has not opened a bank account via video conferencing.



Banxy app install



The results: