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Addict Mobile - Food - the fork european expansion

TheFork : Long-term European expansion

TripAdvisor’s company TheFork is the first platform for online reservations in European restaurants with a network of over 36 000 restaurants spread all over the world, and over 11.5 million users per month. TheFork connects restaurants with their guests.

Since February 2016, Addict Mobile has been supporting TheFork in the development of its mobile business in several European countries. Combining a successful fooding user acquisition strategy and resubscriptions campaigns, Addict Mobile commits to a complete follow-up from the first click to the in-app conversion, in order to achieve the best results. Let us take a look at a 9 months longwinning strategy.

Addict Mobile - fooding user acquisition - the fork european expansion - screenshot spain

a banner created for the Spanish market


TheFork’s main objective, far before its amount of downloaded apps, is to generate the maximum amount of reservations for the benefit of the collaborating restaurants, and eventually a discount on their tab.

The issues are different depending on the European country. For instance on TheFork’s historical markets, where the brand already has a strong reputation and a large amount of installed applications, the major issue is the renewal of the existing subscriptions in order to encourage new reservations. On new markets however, the issue resides inacquiring new users.

Addict Mobile - fooding user acquisition - the fork european expansion

Exemple of a banner generated for the Facebook campaign


Addict Mobile pilots profitable mobile fooding user acquisition campaigns for TheFork on Facebook, based on the CPI (Cost per Install) and the CPA (Cost per Reservation). The agency also conducts resubscription campaigns in order to maximize the in-app conversion ratewith personalized messages towards multiple segments.

Addict Mobile relies on its expertise and on its production technologies of visuals, to A/B test a large variety of campaigns and visuals, and exploit all of Facebook’s functionalities: geolocated advertisements, custom audiences, Lookalike audiences, slideshows, carousel ads and videos.


Addict Mobile - fooding user acquisition - the fork european expansion - app screenshotsAddict Mobile - fooding user acquisition - the fork european expansion - app screenshots 2

a Carousel Ads with high potencial conversion


Addict Mobile - fooding user acquisition - the fork european expansion - KPIs

  • A cost per installation (CPI) 21% lower than the set objective. 
  • A cost per action (CPA) 31% lower than the set objective.
Our collaboration with Addict Mobile is a long-term project in both acquisition campaigns and resubscription campaigns. We have quickly acquired quality users despite diverse strategic difficulties.
Christophe SONLADUANGCHANH, Paid Media Analyst, LaFourchette


The good results brought by the fooding user acquisition campaigns and resubscription campaigns allowed to increase the ambitions and the budgets necessary to tackle new cities. This strategy being a real success, Addict Mobile is now considering expanding its action to further countries in 2017.