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We start with strategy design & flow optimization (ASO-SEO)

Whether you are launching a new app, releasing new features or looking at growing your user base, we help you design your strategy. We define the optimal mix of acquisition/retargeting mobile advertising campaigns, geos, channels and targeting criteria to reach your volumes & costs objectives


We also work on optimizing the userflow so that we maximize the conversion rates from ad impression to download/visit: we optimize your appstore pages (ASO) and your landing page loading speed. 

We produce mobile-perf dedicated creatives.

Starting from your marketing assets, our team of Artists design and A/B test lots of mobile-perf dedicated creatives in all formats: banners, interstitials, social and native ads, videos.

Our technology® allows us to automate the production of our assets into 100+ mobile screen sizes and into 15+ languages, saving us incredible time. Therefore we A/B test and refresh creatives weekly in order to deliver always more ROI.


tracking campagnes d’acquisition mobile performance

We manage all the technical set-up and interfacing with your tracking tools

Our technology is plugged various market tracking tools (Adjust, Appsflyer, Kochava, Google Analytics, At Internet ..) and our teams of experts daily work with them.

We share with you our knowledge for a better tagging plan and analysis of your business.

We display advertising on +160 mobile sources, optimizing budget allocation in real-time

We select the right sources for your strategy, and within each source the right audience.

We are plugged to social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, pinterest),to search tools (Adwords, Apple Search Ads), to 80+ mobile adnetworks, 40+affiliates, 25+ video networks, 5+ DSP-SSP, 10+ incent networks etc… We focus on the most profitable sources, we optimize real-time, to iterate more targeted campaigns.

Once mobile advertising campaigns are live, we analyze in-depth short-term data to optimize profitability as well as long term data to calculate LTV and ROI.

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We detect and remove fraud from your invoice

Our algorithms crawl data to detect abnormal behaviours and alert the Account Managers. We chase fake traffic, undesired quality traffic and fraud stealing your organic traffic.
Once we spot fraud, we cut down campaigns and we blacklist the related subpublisher,
we remove it from your invoice, saving up to 35%.

We guarantee 100% transparency thanks to our dashboard

Access accurate, real-time refreshed, user friendly campaign monitoring on our online dashboard. View your performance data (CPC-CPL-CPI-CPA-ROI-cost per visit etc..) by source, country, device etc… all you need both at macro and micro levels.

You have the data real-time; your dedicated Account Manager is here to discuss strategy and new ways to scale your mobile business during weekly calls.

Technologie d'achat média et déclinaison des visuels

"The expertise and adaptability of Addict Mobile's teams has enabled us to meet the challenges of 2020 while accelerating the growth of our users."

Leila Habhoub, Acquisition Manager @Decathlon

"The task was simple: to test and activate a new lever to promote and support the use of our application among our targets, while respecting our acquisition costs. Addict Mobile’s rigor and test & learn approach to Snapchat usage, formats, targeting and messaging enabled us to meet and exceed our objectives across the various acquisition channels, including Snapchat."

Fréderic Chacar, Head of Digital Marketing @Intermarché

"Addict Mobile has played a key role in BeSoccer´s growth. Thanks to the brand flexibility and experience in the industry, we have been able to develop acquisition campaigns fully coordinated with our department, respecting at all times the established GEO and KPI strategies. We have also been able to carry out joint technical developments that have enabled us to make the process much more efficient."

Miguel Pretel, CEO @BeSoccer

"Addict Mobile has given us more qualification than we expected on our campaigns, enabling us to achieve our growth targets. Their responsiveness, industry knowledge and creative production studio are key to managing this vital lever in our business."

Guadalupe Asensio, Head of marketing @Bodeboca