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Streaming apps and advertising: Content to drive performance?

Definition   Whether audio or video, streaming has experienced strong growth in recent years, driven by the Covid-19 epidemic. From podcasts and series to music, the number of apps offering these services continues to grow.   Our expertise with apps like Majelan, Molotov, Fubo TV, Sybel, Deezer, Qobuz, France...


Key points in User Acquisition for 2022

The app economy has grown steadily in 2021. According to App Annie, user spending on app stores reached a total of $ 135 billion globally in 2021.    Without a doubt, the big topic this year has been the attribution change on iOS. Advertisers have had to...


How to adapt your acquisition investments after December 25?

The “sweet spot”    In the last two years, the cost of disseminating mobile advertisements reduced by almost 50% between December 24 and January 1: -49% in 2019 and -48% in 2020. The main reasons for this change?    - The drop in competition linked to the Christmas period;   -...


ASO: don’t underestimate the importance of your store pages

Store pages are the entry point for all your app users. Every user will see the page, so it has to be clear and attractive. It also has to stand out from the millions of apps available on stores.    What is ASO and what are the challenges?    ASO...