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Retargeting: Our key tips for effective campaigns

For an eligible user retargeting, users must have an installed app so that we could observe a period of inactivity. This period will be defined by a window of inactivity set differently according to each tracking tool. On Adjust it is set to 7 days...


Dating Apps : How to lead successful User Acquisition campaigns

  Leading acquisition campaigns for dating apps implies many different constraints and factors to take into account in order to make the campaigns as effective as possible. In this video, we have brought together the most important advices to apply when setting up your user acquisition...


Addict Mobile’s solution to Google’s new tax

Since November 2020, Google decided to expand surchargers on digital services to advertisers in specific countries. This surcharge is already active for campaigns in the UK, Austria or Turkey since November 2020. It has been applied since May 2021 to two other European countries: France and...


What we learned about iOS 14.5 after one month after its launch

Addict Mobile summarizes for you the important things to know about iOS 14.5 a month after its launch.    Adoption Rate:   - The evolution of the adoption rate is slower than expected.   - One month later, the adoption rate is 20% in France, 18% in US/UK and 26% in...


EURO 2021: How to prepare your app and acquisition campaigns

As this major event draws near, we wanted to share our experience of over 500 projects and give you the keys to a successful campaign for the Euro. We have learned strategic and creative lessons by working with players from the world of football such...

New slot Search Tab

Search Tab, Apple’s new ad spot in the App Store

In the middle of the implementation of its App Tracking Transparency, with the release of iOS 14.5 today, Apple deploys a brand new advertising spot this 4th of may.   Until now, only search campaigns allowed advertisers to see their ads on the store of the American...

mobile app ecosysteme

The mobile app ecosystem is consolidating!

The latest major changes in the mobile industry (privacy, Apple's ATT Framework, maturity of advertisers.) are forcing players in the mobile ecosystem to offer the most complete service possible to cover the entire mobile marketing chain. Owning your first party data and therefore having your own...


Addict Mobile was awarded during the event Les Mobiles d’Or

During the event Les Mobiles D’Or, we have been given the award for Mobile Acquisition. It rewards the success of the partnership between Addict Mobile and Intermarché for the management of the Intermarché app’s acquisition campaigns. To learn more, read this article!    Winner in the Mobile...