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Shapr: To acquire new users in France and United States


Launched in 2015, Shapr aimed at building a professional social network based on trusted people, able to recommend more new trusted people.

One year later, the application already counted 100,000 users: 80% in the United States, 10% in France and 10% in the United Kingdom.

Like any networking site, the challenge is to build a contact base large enough for users to find other people to interact with them. It is therefore to Addict Mobile that Shapr turned in early 2018 to strengthen its acquisition campaigns by opening additional sources: that is to say Ad-Networks.



Ad-Network US Shapr banner

Ad-Network US Shapr banner



  • Generate new subscribers within the application and ensure the quality of users.
  • Sources: Ad-Networks.
  • Target countries: United States + Canada + France.


Identify the right partners

Low-volume launch on more than 20 Ad-Networks to identify sources and sub-sources to generate new registrants and subscribers. Addict Mobile technology makes it possible to track performance at the sub-publisher level and thus, within the same Ad-Network, retain those that stand out for their best results and get rid of the others. It is thanks to this level of granularity that we are able to compile the most efficient partners and thus generate high volumes.

Shapr US & CA campaign

Shapr US & CA campaign


Gradual increase in volumes and campaign adaptation

When activating Ad-Networks levers, it is important to continuously test new partners and purchasing strategies. This approach makes it possible to maintain costs per registration while gradually increasing volumes. Some partners may choose to stop distributing the campaign if it does not perform well enough or if it has been distributed too often to the same people.

This daily campaign monitoring also allows us to adapt the spending pace according to the countries or OSs that generate the highest registration rate.


Creatives variation and adaptation to the different activated networks: +1000 different type

In the realm of Ad-Networks, we talk about hundreds of different formats to deal with because of the multitude of existing screen sizes. Thanks to our creative automation technology, Addict Mobile not only creates the designs and the end-cards, but also offers and adapts them to the different existing devices. We also localize the designs by translating them according to the targeted areas.


Language and format variations

Language and format variations