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15 years of expertise to help you understand and make the most of the mobile advertising world

Want to promote your app or website while measuring the profitability of your mobile acquisition campaigns?

Reach unlimited volumes worldwide

Addict Mobile Technology® is a unique platform plugged to 160+ mobile channels all over the world

We guarantee profitability

Don’t pay for clicks. Don’t pay for installs. Buy conversion and long-term engagement.

Assets production included

We produce and localize all campaigns visuals in order to maximise ROI

A 100% transparent dahsboard

View all your campaign data real-time through our centralized and easy-to-use dashboard.


Annual campaigns


Apps and web site promoted




Creatives produced/year

All inclusive service

We take care of your mobile campaigns from A to Z



From strategy design and ASO/SEO to assets production to A/B tests, from technical set up and targeting optimization to fraud detection. Our team of experts is committed to deliver best-in class performance.

A dedicated technology

Our services are based on our proprietary Addict Mobile Technology®




Addict Mobile Technology® is a solution used by our Account Managers team to deliver the best market performance for your mobile campaigns, saving you time and money.

"The expertise and adaptability of Addict Mobile's teams has enabled us to meet the challenges of 2020 while accelerating the growth of our users."

Leila Habhoub, Acquisition Manager @Decathlon

"The task was simple: to test and activate a new lever to promote and support the use of our application among our targets, while respecting our acquisition costs. Addict Mobile’s rigor and test & learn approach to Snapchat usage, formats, targeting and messaging enabled us to meet and exceed our objectives across the various acquisition channels, including Snapchat."

Fréderic Chacar, Head of Digital Marketing @Intermarché

"Addict Mobile has played a key role in BeSoccer´s growth. Thanks to the brand flexibility and experience in the industry, we have been able to develop acquisition campaigns fully coordinated with our department, respecting at all times the established GEO and KPI strategies. We have also been able to carry out joint technical developments that have enabled us to make the process much more efficient."

Miguel Pretel, CEO @BeSoccer

"Addict Mobile has given us more qualification than we expected on our campaigns, enabling us to achieve our growth targets. Their responsiveness, industry knowledge and creative production studio are key to managing this vital lever in our business."

Guadalupe Asensio, Head of marketing @Bodeboca

"We have been working with Addict Mobile for 2 years now, after testing some of our levers. Thanks to good results, proactive proposals and constructive exchanges, Addict Mobile has gradually convinced me to entrust them with all of our acquisition levers in 2020. I am and will continue to be demanding in terms of achieving results as we move forward with the digital transformation of our great brand. I think that Addict Mobile is the right partner to accompany us in this transformation!"

Christelle Gimat, Digital Director Dr Pierre Ricaud

"Thanks to the collaboration with Addict Mobile and Google, we have managed to successfully and accurately measure the profitability of our acquisition channels. This strategy allowed us to increase the acquisition budget years after years in view of such profitability."

Michaël Fromentoux, Head of Digital Development @20 Minutes

"We wanted to move from a download logic to a more Return On Investement logic. Thanks to Addict Mobile's tools, we can now track the performance at each stage of the funnel, optimize expenses in real time and manage campaigns according to our acquisition cost objectives."

S. CAVAILLE, Marketing & E-commerce Manager @Coyote

"Addict Mobile teams are attentive and reactive. The acquisition campaigns set up have generated high volumes of downloads."

F. THELLIER, Communication Manager @Quo Vadis

"Addict Mobile has been assisting us for several years in the development of our app-install campaigns by implementing an innovative & efficient approach able to meet our ambitious objectives."

Caroline Legoupil, Acquisition Manager @Cdiscount