Achieving great results on desktop, wanted to conquer mobiles with comparable volumes of acquisition in several countries in Europe. Mobile shows greater ROI than desktop and can afford greater CPA. choose to work with Addict Mobile to benefit from their knowledge of various European countries as well as from their acquisition technology.

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In 2015 Vente-Privée invested a lot of time and money to make of mobile a best-performing sales canal. The average visit time on mobile is far less than on desktop – 3 min on mobile vs. 8 min on desktop. In order to make the most of these fex minutes, developed a one-click-buy process and worked a lot on UX and marketing operations.

Besided mobile product improvement, needs to grow the userbase. Vente-privee turns to Addict Mobile, the leading European acquisition expert, to manage and optimize all app isntall acquisition campaigns in Europe. Acquisition is ROI-oriented, being measured by cost per registration and cost per purchase.


To achieve high performance (ROI and volumes), Vente-privee and Addict Mobile teams work closely together, sharing Vente-Privee’s marketing knowhow and Addict Mobile’s expertise in User Acquisition.

  • Desiging a strategy for efficient process for marketing assets production :
    • Addict Mobile produced over 1 500 visuals for the campaigns
    • while making the most of private sales with specific brands
    • and  keeping very few word, to maximize the impact. This was A/B tested a lot!
  • Addict Mobile exploits data given by Vente-privee on conversion (registration, purchase, ROI) on past and present clients, in order to work on audiences
  • Vente-Privee and Addict Mobile teams follow the evolution of acquisiton performance and adjust CPA country by country, month by month and even depending on specific brands being promoted, in order to optimize budgets on a daily basis.
  • Addict Mobile manages in parallel dozens of campaigns every day, targeting differently users depending on their behaviour, in order to decrease CPIs, CPLs, CPA while sustaining high volumes of acquisition.

Visuel “Marque” pour campagne événementielles  


Addict Mobile scales the acquisition strategy of Vente-privée on mobile in Germany, Italy, Spain, France, the UK and Austria with:

  • Sustain campaigns, that are recurrent budgets on a monthly basis
  • Event-based campaigns that are associated to flash sales of Vente-privée. They are shorter campaigns (2 weeks) and/or seasonal marketing campaigns (Christmas, black Friday etc..)

Thanks to cost per lead far below initial objectives and large volumes achieved throughout 2016, Vente-Privée decides to literally boost acquisition volumes in Q4.

« Addict Mobile team managed to satisfy our ambitions, both in terms of growth and ROI. Their daily implication managing our campaigns and the great quality of our exchanges enabled to build a strong and efficient partnership.»
Claire-Alix Legendre, Head of Acquisition Europe,

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CPA reduced by
vs. initial objective

Addict mobile - Retail User Acquisition - Vente-Privée - chart quarters

Addict mobile - Retail User Acquisition - Vente-Privée - European Map

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+ 1500

marketing assets produced


Two years partnering with Addict Mobile led Vente Privee to achieve their ambitions: the mobile traffic now exceeds by far the destkop traffic and the turnover generated on mobile is over 50%.

We are proud to have brought Vente-privé this far in the European conquest on mobile, and we wish Vente-privee a lot more success to come.