We make data work for You. 

Addict Mobile - mobile Marketing Compagny - data management platform - Addict Mobile Technology®

Addict Mobile Technology®  : core generator of your performances.

With 215+ channels worldwide interfaced over the years with most efficient tracking tools of the market, Addict Mobile Technology®  withstands, collects and logs millions of events and features every day (registrations, purchases, Id Devices Numbers, country, sub-publishers,…). These enormous amounts of data are stored and categorized in our Addict Mobile data management platform to maximize the success of your mobile campaigns. 

The Addict Mobile engineering team works on a full-stack platform enabling cross channel mobile campaign management and optimization. We run high availability services under constant traffic using distributed cloud computing, and are connected with hundreds of partners to exchange data (including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Adjust…). We’re fond of parallel/distributed computing, APIs, clusters, and data.

Targeting and retargeting have never been so accurate!

Based on the criteria of countries, volumes and targeted customer categorization (interests, gender, in app event, geo…), and thanks to data stored in Addict Mobile DMP, our algorithms select the most accurate sources and relevant users. There Addict Mobile Technology® avoids spending « test&learn» budgets on non relevant sub-publishers.

We use our in-house data from past 150+ campaigns to target your potential users and we can also add your own data to increase knowledge of our algorithms. We can support Look alike audiences to increase furthermore the efficiency of your campaigns.

Addict Mobile - mobile Marketing Compagny - data management platform - targeting and retargeting
Addict Mobile - mobile Marketing Compagny - data management platform - real time optimization

Real Time Optimization : because we have no time – nor your money – to waste.

Addict Mobile centralized dashboards enable the monitoring of dozens of KPIs at once. Account Managers evaluate the most performing sources and publishers and reallocate budgets accordingly while detecting and cutting underperforming or fraudulent sub-publishers.

Save up to 35% thanks to Addict Mobile fraud prevention.

Our algorithms analyze dozens of criteria to detect and retrieve fraud : IP distribution, mean time between click and action (click spamming), mean time of action (time zone), conversion KPIs, types / names / languages of device, operators, etc.. Addict Mobile Technology helps fight against fraud to drive significant increase in performances.

Addict Mobile - mobile Marketing Compagny - data management platform - fraud prevention
Addict Mobile - mobile Marketing Compagny - data management platform - customer dashboard

Stay tuned at any time with your campaigns performances.

With Addict Mobile you experience real transparency, through online access to the reporting dashboard. You can monitor real time macro performances (spendings, installs, ROI, CPA,…) and dive into detailed campaigns behaviors per country, OS, channel…

Available also as an API you can plug to your own business intelligence, our dashboard gives you a glimpse of Addict Mobile Technology® power and efficiency working for you.